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Welcome to the VIP Program


Hi, it's A.J., welcome to the VIP Program, the VIP Global Leadership Program. I want you to feel confident when you speak English. So right now you need to put your shoulders back and I want to see a smile on your face and I want your chest to be up and I want you to breathe deeply. Remember, we have to change our body that's the first step. It's not the only thing, but it's the first step to getting more confidence. When our chin is up, our shoulders are back, the chest is up, we're smiling we have more of a feeling of confidence, of strength, and relaxation. So be sure to do that every time you listen to English, speak English, and watch my videos always, very, very, very important.

Okay, let's start.

:: Mini Story

There was a rich, successful, and handsome man. But Brad Pitt had a problem. In fact, Brad Pitt was miserable. He was super unhappy; very, very unhappy.

Brad Pitt had everything in his life externally. He had a beautiful wife. Every day he asked himself this question:

Why am I miserable? Why am I miserable? Why am I miserable? Why am I so totally miserable? And then he thought maybe it's because I live in L.A., hum.

And so he decided to go to Nepal. He got on a plane and he went to Nepal. So he went through Immigration and Customs and he arrived in Nepal. There were beautiful mountains. It was a colorful, interesting place.

Brad Pitt was miserable, totally miserable. So he thought oh, my God, what's wrong? I'm miserable still. I'm still miserable. So he thought and he thought why am I miserable? Why am I miserable? Why am I miserable? And then he thought Aaahhh, what do I need to do to become happy? What do I need to do to become happy? And he thought and he thought and finally, he thought maybe I need to help other people. Maybe if I help other people I will feel happier. And so he decided to return to L.A. to help other people.

He returned to L.A. to help homeless people. He went to the poorest neighborhood in L.A. with a big bag of money and he found hundreds of homeless people. He opened his bag of money and he started giving them money, hundreds of dollars. Here's $100. And then he went to another one. Here's $100. And another one. Here's $100. And he was giving hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands of dollars to these homeless people.

He wanted to help them, so he gave more and more money and something amazing happened. The more money he gave to them the happier he felt. He gave them thousands and thousands of dollars and then finally he gave a million dollars to different homeless people. He helped so many homeless people. He bought homes and apartments for homeless people.

Because he was helping homeless people and he continued to help homeless people every day of his life. He continued to be very, very happy.


And that is the end of our mini-story for our first Welcome VIP Mini-Story. I hope you enjoyed it. Listen to it every day and shout your answers. Remember, always, your shoulders are back, your chest is up and you're smiling and you're shouting your answers with confidence, strong, feeling good. I'll see you again, bye-bye.

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