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Hello VIP members and this month I have, actually a very fun lesson. We're going to be a little crazy in this lesson, so just bear with me. Just trust me here because this is an interesting process, but it's a powerful one. The topic is 'Scramble', scramble. "To scramble" means to mix up something a lot; mix it, mix it up, mix it up. We scramble eggs, for example. You break an egg and then you mix it up a lot. We call that scrambling or to scramble. So what is it we're going to scramble this month? We're going to scramble our limiting beliefs, limiting beliefs...

Okay, let's start.

:: Mini-Story

Franz is dejected. He is very dejected. He feels very dejected. He feels dejected all the time.

One reason is that he has no job. Another is that he has no girlfriend. But the biggest reason of all is that he has a big flabby gut. But perhaps the deepest reason is his limiting belief.

He believes that he is a big fat loser. He looks in the mirror every day and he says "I'm a big, fat, flabby loser." And he walks around all the time thinking that, believing that.

Well, one day he's walking along and he's moping as usual with his head and his shoulders down and he is wallowing in his misery. He's making himself feel worse and worse and worse and because of this, he's not watching where he's going and he steps in front of a bus and bam he's hit by the bus and wham his head hits the ground, hits the street.

Now, luckily, he's not seriously injured, very lucky for him, but his thoughts in his mind are totally scrambled. He's unconscious for a few hours and when he wakes up he's dazed and confused. He's totally dazed and confused and he remains dazed and confused for several days. He can't think straight. He can't think clearly.

Well, he's so tired of being dazed and confused he decided to just watch a movie, rest his brain a little bit, and he watches the movie 'The Pursuit of Happiness' with Will Smith and he is inspired by the movie. In fact, the movie implants powerful new beliefs into this brain, into his mind, and at the end of the movie he has totally new powerful beliefs, and from then on he believes in himself. He has powerful beliefs, empowering beliefs, beliefs that make him feel good. And, very quickly, he loses weight. He gets a job. He gets a girlfriend. He's happy and he looks fabulous.


As usual, listen to this story every day, shout your answers. Do not mope. Instead, I want you to have your shoulders back, your head up. Shout your answers, be very strong. You should be elated every time you listen to English and practice English.

I'll see you again, bye-bye.

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