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Hello this is AJ. Welcome to the mini‐story for "Unlimited Power." Now get some power in your body right now. Get some passion in your body. Start with your body, look up not down. Get your chest up. Get your shoulders back. Stand tall, if you're sitting, sit tall. Big deep breaths. And then if you can, start moving and finally, big smile on your face. I'm smiling right now. You should be, too. Alright, now we've got some energy in our bodies. I'm energized, you're energized. Let's start the mini‐story for "Unlimited Power."

:: Mini-Story

There was a guy named Marco. And Marco did something foolish. He bet all his money in the stock market. It was a roll of the dice. Marco became poor. He had no money at all.

Well, he decided it was an advantageous event. Well, he said, now I have a lot of free time. I can cultivate my health. In fact, his aspiration was to have a perfect body. Perfect body. So, he ran every day. He went to the gym every day. He ate green vegetables every day.

Well, after two months Marco had a breakthrough. Well, after two months Marco had a breakthrough. Well, of course, Marco's life changed. Thousands, tens of thousands of gay men wanted him. They loved his hot, sexy body. Thousands, tens of thousands of straight women loved his hot and sexy body. Everywhere he went gay men and straight women wanted him.

Was he happy? Oh yeah, Marco was very very happy.


Alright, that's the end of the mini‐story for unlimited power. I hope you enjoyed it. Listen to it many, many times. Answer the questions. Have fun. Smile. Move your body. Relax and enjoy. You are learning English consciously and subconsciously, just let it happen.

See you next time.

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