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Hello, this is AJ. Welcome to the mini‐story for "Thought Mastery." Are you feeling good? Are you moving your body? Breathing deeply. Smiling big! Good posture? I hope so. Let's get started.

:: Mini-Story

There was an incredible woman named Sri. Sri was a linguist and she wanted to study Swahili. She spoke 247 languages. In fact, she had total mastery in 247 languages.

But, she needed another language. She wanted to study Swahili. People speak Swahili in Africa, of course. She wanted to speak 248 languages perfectly.

So she wanted to learn Swahili. First, she tried a visual method. She read textbooks and grammar rules. She studied Swahili with a visual method for two years. Every day she read textbooks. Every day she read grammar books. After two years what happened? Nothing. After two years Sri was frustrated. She still could not speak Swahili.

So, she modified her approach. It was a kinesthetic approach, a kinesthetic method. She learned Swahili with her body, with movement and feeling in her body. Well, it was called TPR and she had to jump and move while learning. The teacher said "Jump" in Swahili, of course, and Sri would jump. The teacher said "Sit" in Swahili. And Sri would sit. She did this every day. Every day she jumped and sat and moved and walked and wrote and read, as the teacher told her to in Swahili. It was a kinesthetic method, right? She had to move her body. She was learning with movement. Kinesthetic.

It boosted her learning. It raised her learning. It increased her learning. She began to learn Swahili. She began to understand Swahili. She began to speak Swahili.

She began to learn much, much faster.

So she used the kinesthetic method for one year. It boosted her learning. She learned faster and faster and better and better. But, but she did not achieve mastery. She did not become a master of Swahili. She was good, but not a master.

And so she modified her approach again. Well, she added something this time. She continued to learn with the kinesthetic
method but she added something more. Well, she added an auditory method. She began to listen to Swahili every day, listening more and more and more. Every day listening to Swahili, tons of listening, 3 hours, then 4 hours, then 10 hours, then 23.5 hours of listening every day.

Sri became a total master of Swahili in only one year. After one year of listening to Swahili 23.5 hours a day, she became a total master of Swahili. Now she speaks 248 languages perfectly. Sri is the best linguist in the world.


Okay, that is the end of the mini‐story for "Thought Mastery." As always, listen to it again and again and again. In fact, listen to this mini‐story 23.5 hours every day. If you listen to my lessons 23.5 hours every day you will too become a master of English. But if you want to, 1 or 2 hours is probably enough.

Okay, I will see you next time. Enjoy.

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