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The Way of the Superior Man


Hi, this is AJ. Welcome to the mini-story for "Superior Man." Are you strong? You feeling good? Let's get started.

:: Mini-Story

Kristin wanted to go to the moon. She wanted to visit the moon. Why did Kristin want to go to the moon? She wanted to go for spiritual reasons. She wanted to meditate on the moon for 10 days.

But, of course, she had some problems. The biggest problem was that rockets are expensive. Rockets are very expensive. To go to the moon she needed a rocket but rockets are expensive. So she had to earn a living with a great job to make a lot of money to buy a rocket.

Unfortunately, her job did not pay a lot of money. Oh no. Kristin started her own business. She decided to cater to penguins. She sold fish to penguins. Every day she sold fish to penguins. Now, of course, she made a lot of money. And finally one day she bought a rocket. And so one day...the rocket took off. It started to the moon. First it went to the edge of space. And it went beyond the limit. All the way to the moon.

Kristin and her favorite penguin, Bob, went to the moon. Bob accompanied Kristin. And together Kristin and Bob the penguin meditated...ommmm...they meditated for 10 days on the moon together. They were peaceful, calm and happy.


That's the end of the mini-story for Superior Man. Listen to it every day. Pause after the questions and answer them. You can answer slowly in the beginning but try to answer quickly, quickly. Remember one word answer or two word answers are fine. You don't need a full sentence. One or two words or a short phrase, it's okay. Shout it out. And as always, always have energy. Always have your shoulders back and your chest up. Always be breathing and smiling and moving your body. This is so important. You learn faster when you are standing tall and smiling and happy. When you have energy in your body you learn faster, your brain will learn much, much faster, three to five times faster. If your shoulders are down and forward, if your head's down, if you feel tired and bored, you learn much more slowly. You're wasting your time. So don't do it. If you start to feel tired, if you feel bored, bring your shoulders back, chest up, big smile. Take a break. Put some music on. Dance. Jump. Run. Get energy in your body then start again.

Okay, see you next time.

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