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The Kaizen Way


Hi this is AJ. Time for the mini-story for "The Kaizen Way." Are you smling and happy? You jumping around? You're up, you're moving. Let's get started.

:: Mini-Story

Jan was a very rude woman. She was always rude to everybody. She was always very harsh to everybody. People didn't like Jan. Nobody liked Jan. Jan always said rude comments to her friends. She always said harsh, rude zingers. All the time she gave harsh, rude zingers to her friends and everyone else.

Jan's so mean. Jan is so harsh. Every day Jan's friends cried and cried. Well one day Jan decided to change. She decided "I'm going to be a good person. I'm going to be kind and gentle and sweet." She summoned all her friends to her house. She said "Come to my house, please." She said please because she's trying to be nice now. So she summoned her friends.

They all came to her house. They sat in the living room and then Jan coughed up a compliment to each one. Jan said something nice to each one. It was a little difficult for Jan because usually, in the past, she was always so harsh and rude so she had to cough it up. She had to force the compliment out. It wasn't easy in the beginning. So she kind of uh, ugh "You're a very nice person. Ugh. You're really intelligent." Right? She kind of coughed out the compliments. She forced them out of her body, forced them out of her mouth.

She said "I'm very sorry. I will never be harsh to you again." And so, over the course of two years Jan became nicer and nicer and nicer. She was super kind. She was super friendly. She gave compliments to everybody.

Now, of course, everybody loved Jan. After two years they loved her. They gave her kisses. They gave her money. They gave her love and friendship. Everybody in the world loved Jan. And Jan, of course, felt very fulfilled, very happy, very satisfied.


And that is the end of our mini-story for "The Kaizen Way." I hope you enjoyed it. Listen to it many, many times. Remember, deep learning, deep learning, deep learning. One more time – deep learning. That means you listen to "The Kaizen Way" lessons, all of them in this set, every day for one week, seven days. Don't go to the next lesson set. Keep learning this one. Keep learning the Kaizen way, every day over the course of one week. Or over the course of two weeks if you want to. Deep learning is very important. You must repeat this mini-story many, many times.

Okay, I will see you next time.

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