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Small is Beautiful


Hello, this is AJ. Welcome to "Small is Beautiful," the mini‐story. Take a deep breath. Smile, move your body. Shoulders back, let's go!

:: Mini-Story

Jeff had great hair. It was long, blond, and beautiful. But there was a problem, of course. Michael envied Jeff's hair. Michael was bald. Every day Michael thought about Jeff's hair. Michael was totally preoccupied with Jeff's hair.

In fact, his preoccupation would not abate. In fact, it got stronger. He got more and more envious every day. "I want Jeff's hair. I want Jeff's hair. I want Jeff's hair!" He got into a frenzy.

Finally, Michael got a big knife and he went to Jeff's house to cut off Jeff's hair. He was in a frenzy, "I'm going to take his hair!" He knocked on the door. Jeff opened the door. Michael saw that beautiful hair. He said, "I'm going to take your hair! I want your hair!" Jeff was calm. Jeff said, "This is absurd. Just buy a wig."

Michael stopped. Hm. He dropped the knife. He thought. He became calm. And then he went to a wig store and he bought a long, blond, beautiful wig. He walked everywhere wearing his long, blond, beautiful wig. Everyone loved Michael's new hair. Michael and Jeff became good friends. They were both very happy with their long, blond, beautiful hair.


That is the end of the mini-story for Small is Beautiful. Listen to it many times. Big smile when you listen. Move your body when you listen. Breathe deeply when you listen to this mini-story. And when you answer, shout your answers.

Okay, well I'll see you next time for the point of view stories.

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