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Slow Burn


Hi, this is AJ. Welcome to the mini-story for "Slow Burn." Are you ready? Are you standing up? Are you moving your body? Are you smiling? Are you breathing? Good! Let's start.

:: Mini-Story

There was a girl. Her name was Tiffany. And Tiffany had 29 cats. But as always, she had a problem. She needed one more cat. She wanted to have 30 cats. But she needed a special cat. She needed a purple cat. All her other cats were brown or white or black. So she wanted her last cat to be special, she wanted a purple cat. But purple cats are very expensive.

And so Tiffany set aside money every day to save for a new purple cat. In fact, she ate only a little bit because she didn't want to spend too much money on food. She wanted all her money to be set aside for the new purple cat. In fact, Tiffany allocated all her savings for the purpose of buying a purple cat.

Finally, one day she did it. She saved $12,500,000. She went to the store to buy the purple cat. But they were sold out of purple cats. They had just sold the last purple cat. Oh no! Tiffany was very, very upset. But then she thought "Ah, I'll go to another pet store." So she sprinted across the city to another pet store. She arrived at the other pet store with $12,500,000 in a big bag. She said "I want the purple cat." And the pet store said "I'm sorry, we're sold out." Oh no! Tiffany was very upset.

So she sprinted to another pet store. She arrived and said "I want a purple cat." But they were sold out. Every pet store in the city was sold out of purple cats. No purple cats anywhere. Tiffany cried "I want a purple cat. I need a purple cat." She cried and she cried for 27 days and 5 hours.

Finally, after 27 days and 5 hours she relinquished her dream of getting a purple cat. She said "Oh well, I guess I don't need a purple cat." So instead Tiffany bought a beautiful, happy, little pink cat. She bought a little pink cat and she loved it. She loved her little pink cat. And Tiffany was very happy because now she had 30 cats, including a very cute and beautiful little pink cat. Tiffany and all her cats were very happy.


And that is the end of our mini-story for Slow Burn. I hope you enjoyed it. Listen to this story many, many times. Always have energy in your body when you listen to these stories. Always shout your answers when you listen to these stories. If you're in a bus or a train, maybe you can't do that. But maybe you can, I don't know. Try it. I'll see you next time.

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