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Repetition with Intensity


Hello, this is AJ Hoge, Director of the Effortless English Club, here again with another lesson, the mini‐story for "Repetition with Intensity." Are you ready? Are you standing strong, shoulders back, good posture? Deep breathing? Big smile, moving your body? If not, do it right now. Because if you don't, I will kick you out of the Effortless English Club, onto the street to cry and have a terrible life for the rest of your life. You don't want that, so you better do it. So stand up, smile, peak state. Let's go! It's time for English again. Let's Rock!

:: Mini-Story

Asher had a dream. He wanted to be the best guitarist in the world. He wanted to be a rock'n'roll god. The problem is he doesn't play the guitar. He didn't play the guitar. He never has played the guitar. No guitar for Asher. So, of course, he decided to find the best guitar teacher in the world.

AJ Hoge was the best guitar teacher in the world. Asher went to AJ and he said "Teach me to be a rock god." AJ said "My student, you must look good to be good." AJ said "Imitate me. Dress like me. Jump and yell and look cool like me. Then you'll be the best guitarist in the world and a rock god." Asher said "But don't I have to practice the guitar?" AJ said "No, just look good."

So, for one year every day Asher imitated AJ. He walked like AJ. He moved like AJ. He dressed like AJ. He tried to be cool like AJ, although that's very difficult. But unfortunately, after one year Asher still could not play the guitar. In fact, he was terrible. Asher said "You're fired."

Next, he went to his friend, Inka. He said "Inka, how can I become the best guitarist in the world? I tried to study with AJ but he sucked." Well Inka said "It's vital to find a great player to model. Seek out Jimmy Page. He's the best." So he did. He went looking for Jimmy Page. And finally he found him in England.

He asked Jimmy "Jimmy will you please teach me to be a great guitarist? I want to be a rock god." Jimmy said "Okay." So every day Jimmy Page showed Asher new key distinctions on the guitar. He showed him key differences, key new things to learn. He told him how to hold the guitar, how to play the guitar, how to move his fingers quickly. And every day he practiced. Every day a lot of repetition but repetition with new distinctions.

Finally, three years later Asher became a great guitar player. He became a rock god. Everywhere he went women loved him. When he was in Israel, the women loved him. When he was in Europe, the women loved him. When he was in North America, the women went crazy and they loved him. The South American women loved him. African women loved him. Asian women loved him. He was a rock'n'roll god.


That is the end of the mini-story for "Repetition with Intensity." Be sure to repeat this mini-story with intensity.

Okay, I will see you next time. Enjoy.

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