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Hello, welcome to the mini‐story for "Models." Are you ready to begin? Big smile! Shoulders back, breathing deeply, moving your body? Let's go.

:: Mini-Story

Laura wanted to be a tri-athlete. Laura wanted to be a superstar tri-athlete. In fact, she wanted to be the number one tri-athlete in the world. She wanted to win the Ironman race in Hawaii. Hm, well, the Ironman race is a swim that is 2.5 miles, 2.5 miles swimming, and 212 miles cycling, and 26.4 miles running.

But she had a problem, of course. Oh, there's always a problem. Her problem was her peer group was all lazy losers. Her coworkers complained constantly and they were lazy. And they stole from their company. She hated her coworkers. Her friends slept all day and watched TV and ate french fries. All her friends ate 20 pounds of french fries every single day, each!

So Laura said, "I want a new peer group." So she got a new job. It was a better job with great coworkers, super enthusiastic coworkers. She also found new friends. Her new friends were all super athletes. They all loved to run. They all loved to swim. They all loved to cycle. They went to the gym every day. They ate healthily. They were super healthy. So she had new coworkers. She had new friends. She had a new peer group, a great peer group, an inspiring peer group. Now she felt great so she trained every day. She practiced every day. Every day she ran. Every day she swam. Every day she rode her bike.

Finally, the day came, the Ironman race. First the swimming, she jumped into the ocean and she swam and she swam. She was a superstar swimmer. She came out of the water number one! And next, she got on her bicycle and she rode and she rode and she rode and she rode. Faster, faster, faster, she was a superstar cyclist. Finally, after 212 miles she jumped off her bike and began to run. She ran faster and faster and faster and faster. She felt stronger and stronger and stronger. She was a superstar athlete at last. Of course, she won the Ironman race. She became the number one superstar tri-athlete of the world. Laura succeeded.


As always, listen to it many times, deep learning, deep learning, deep learning. I'll say it one more time...deep learning. I know this seems like repetitive points, but I'm going to keep saying it every time because you need to learn deeply. The important thing is to listen, listen, listen. And if you want to answer the questions quickly, quickly, quickly. It's okay to just listen. You don't need to answer if you don't want to, if you're on a train or you're around other people, you can just listen quietly. But if you want to you can pause and answer the questions, pause and answer the questions. Try to do it quickly. But the important part is repetitive listening, deep, deep learning. You don't want to just learn these things, you need to master them.

Okay, I will see you next time. Enjoy.

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