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Leaders Make Mistakes


Hello, this is AJ, welcome to the mini-story for "Leaders Make Mistakes." Let's start.

:: Mini-Story

There were two penguins; their names were Todd and Louis. Todd and Louis were penguins, they lived in Antarctica. In fact, Todd and Louis wanted to buy a beach resort in Thailand. In fact, they told all the other penguins, they said "We make no bones about it, we hate the cold!"

Well, one day they decided to leave Antarctica. Against long odds they undertook the long, dangerous journey to Thailand. So against long odds they undertook a long trip from Antarctica to Thailand. They swam in the ocean going north and one night there was a big storm. The ocean was turbulent and very cold.

The storm was very long. The storm lasted 20 days. Twenty days and 20 nights the ocean was turbulent, big, big waves crashing (pow, pow)! The water was cold. Todd and Louis continued to swim. Todd yelled "We ain't quittin'! We're going to Thailand! We ain't gonna' quit!"

They continued to swim. They didn't quit. And they did not quit. They continued to swim during the storm going north, going north to Thailand. And, finally, after 20 long, difficult days the storm stopped. The ocean became calm and placid.

They swam through the placid warm water and they arrived on a beach. Immediately Todd and Louis said "We want to buy this beach." Of course they were rich penguins and they bought the beach. They were very relaxed and very warm and very, very happy penguins.

Todd and Louis the penguins laid under the sun every day on a beach in Thailand next to placid, warm waters. And they were happy, warm, wonderful penguins.


That is the end of the mini-story for "Leaders Make Mistakes."

See you next time.

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