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Hi this is AJ Hoge. Welcome to the mini‐story for "Introduction to Power English". Let's get started. In the mini‐story I will tell a kind of strange, funny, stupid story. Usually actually I will ask the story. It means I will ask a lot of questions. The reason I ask these questions is to get a lot of repetition so that the grammar structure, the grammar pattern will go into your brain deeply because you're getting it again and again and again.

You don't need to think about it. Just relax, listen to the story, answer the questions quickly. If you need to you can pause your iPod, pause your computer and answer the questions. Or if it's too fast, just listen. You don't have to speak. Speaking is optional. If you can do it, if you want to answer the questions, great! Shout them out. If you don't, if it's too difficult or you're in a train with other people, that's fine. Just listen and relax, that's okay too. Okay, let's start.

:: Mini Story

There was a beautiful woman named Sophie. Sophie had to play Tiger Woods in golf in just one month.

Sophie was worried. Because Tiger Woods is the number one golfer in the world and Sophie was not good.

So Sophie went to Japan. She went to Japan to find a golf coach. She found a coach named Yoda. He said, "I can help you learn golf, Sophie." He said, "If you use your subconscious, you will become a golf master."

So Sophie tried to use her subconscious. She closed her eyes every time she played golf. Yoda said, "Use your subconscious, close your eyes." Unfortunately, it didn't work. Every time she hit the ball it went into the trees.

So Sophie went to Hawaii. To find another golf coach.

Tiger Woods went to South Carolina. He also wanted a golf coach. He found an Army golf coach. The Army golf coach said, "You must run 30 miles every day."

So Sophie went to Hawaii and she found a surfing golf coach named Farley. He said, "If you practice and surf every day, you will always succeed."

So she got on the surfboard. She was surfing and she was trying to play golf at the same time. She got very wet but she did not improve. She fell into the water every time. Every time she got wet. She was still a terrible golfer.

She had tried to use her subconscious and she failed. She had tried to surf and play golf and she had failed. Now she was very worried. Only one more week to play Tiger Woods.

She went to San Diego. Well, of course, she went to San Diego to find another golf coach. She went to Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins was a peak performance coach. Sophie said "Help me, Tony. Help me." Tony said, "If you engage your physiology, you will be a master." Tony taught her to get into a peak state. Then Tony said, "Now practice golf."

She improved very quickly. Finally, the day came. Sophie played Tiger Woods. Tiger was very tired. He looked very tired. But Sophie was in a peak emotional state during the whole game. Finally, at the end of the game, Sophie won. She beat Tiger Woods! Tiger cried "Sophie, you're the best now." He wrote a check to Sophie for $85 million.

Tiger cried and cried. He was very sad.

How about Sophie? Oh yeah, she was in a top, great, fantastic, peak emotional state. She was happy, she was excited and now she was rich.


Okay, that is the end of the mini‐story for the "Introduction to Power English." Again, listen to this mini‐story once or twice every day for seven days or more. The questions, the repetition will help you effortlessly learn the vocabulary and you'll be learning grammar, too. It's kind of a secret grammar method. Don't think about the grammar, please do not think about it. Just relax, listen to the questions, answer the questions. And every day you will start to learn these basic patterns of English, again and again and again, more deeply each day. So again, listen to this lesson every day for seven days or more. If you get bored, move your body, jump up and down, feel better and then start again.

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