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Hello, this is AJ Hoge. Welcome to the mini-story for Lesson Number 8, "Identity." You feel good? You standing tall? Good posture? Deep breathing, moving your body, big smile? Are you ready? I thought so. Good, let's go!

:: Mini-Story

There was a really cool guy named Ken. But what did Ken have? Ken had a problem. You know, everybody has problems it seems and it's true. Everybody has a problem. Ken had a problem. Ken's problem was he didn't like his job. Ken was a bored accountant.

He wanted a new identity. Unfortunately, he had some negative global beliefs. He was an accountant and he thought "Well, I'm an accountant so I'm boring. And I'm weak."

Still, he decided to change his job so he quit his accountant job. And he became a taxi driver. He thought it would be exciting. It was boring. Well, because every day customers complained to him.

He decided to change his identity. He decided to change his global beliefs. He decided on a new belief, new belief number one "I'm strong and I'm tough." Every day he said this. "I'm strong and I'm tough. I'm strong and I'm tough." Every day he remembered references from his past when he was strong and tough. He had another empowering global belief. He said "I'm exciting. I'm exciting. I'm an exciting person." He thought about references from his past, every time in his past when he was exciting.

So every day he made his empowering beliefs stronger and stronger. Soon he had a new identity, a strong, exciting identity. He decided to get a new job. Ken decided to become a vampire killer. A vampire is a monster, like Dracula. A vampire sucks blood from people. A vampire kills people, a big monster. Ken decided I will kill vampires. That's an exciting job, much better than accountant.

He loved killing vampires. It was exciting and fun. Every day Ken fought and killed vampires. He had a new identity. He said "I'm strong. I'm tough. I'm exciting and I'm a vampire killer." Ken loved his new job and Ken loved his new identity.


Okay, that is the end of the mini-story for "Identity." As always, listen, listen, listen deeply. Remember to use those different distinctions, remember those? Listen for understanding for a while, for a few days. Then try to be fast when you respond, when you answer. Then listen very carefully for pronunciation. And finally, imitate me, my voice, my emotion, everything. So you can do that for one or two weeks, at least, possibly longer with each lesson. Then you'll learn very, very deeply. That's the power of the mini‐stories. One time listening to them is nothing. It won't help you so much. But if you use that system, I promise you it will help a lot. You will learn so much English grammar intuitively and naturally. And one day you'll start speaking and you'll use correct grammar without thinking at all. But you have to follow that system, so please follow the system correctly.

Okay, I will see you next time.

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