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Hello, this is AJ. Welcome to the mini-story for "Healthy at 100." Now get some power in your body right now. Get some passion in your body. Start with your body, look up not down. Get your chest up. Get your shoulders back. Stand tall, if you're sitting, sit tall. Big deep breaths. And then if you can, start moving and finally, big smile on your face. I'm smiling right now. You should be, too. Alright, now we've got some energy in our bodies. I'm energized, you're energized. Let's get started.

:: Mini-Story

There was a guy named Joe. Joe wanted to be a famous movie star. So, first he decided to get thin. He needed a good body. He stopped eating dairy products. Next he decided no more consumption of sugar and fat. He said "I won't consume sugar or fat anymore."

Next he studied famous movie stars. He studied them very carefully. What did they look like? What did they do? And he saw a correlation between being a movie star and having big teeth. Joe's father had little small teeth. Joe's mother had little small teeth. All his brothers had little small teeth and Joe had little small teeth. It was genetic.

He thought "Oh no, to be a movie star I must have big teeth. But mine are tiny and small." He had a problem. So he went to the hospital and he talked to a doctor. He said "Doctor, I need big teeth. Look at my teeth. They're tiny. I'll never be a movie star." The doctor said "I'm sorry, I can't help you. You need to see a dentist, a special dentist." And so Joe went to see a special dentist, a dentist who made teeth bigger. And he said to the dentist "Please help me. I want to be a movie star. But there's a correlation between big teeth and being a movie star. I have to have big teeth." And the dentist said "No problem." And so Joe had an operation.

It was successful. After the operation Joe had big whopping huge teeth. He became a famous movie star. In fact, one year later he was the most famous movie star in the United States. Joe, Joe had the biggest whopping teeth in the world so, of course, he was the biggest whopping movie star in the world.


And that is the end of our happy story. I hope you enjoyed the mini-story. I hope you're smiling. Shoulders are back. Chest is up. Breathing deep, moving that body, enjoying your English learning.

See you next time.

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