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Emotional Mastery 2


Hello, this is AJ Hoge. Welcome to the mini‐story for "Emotional Mastery 2." Now, before we start this story, I want you to do something. You know what I want you to do. Stand up. Pull your shoulders back. Chest up. Chin up. Eyes up. Stand strong. Now breathe deeply. Good. Now big grin, a big, stupid, crazy smile on your face, come on, you can do it. And finally, move your body. Walk, you can walk in one place without moving if you want. Just lift up your feet. If you're outside, then move. Move your body. Okay, you need to be awake. You need to be alive while you're learning. Are you ready? Let's start the mini‐story.

:: Mini-Story

Elvis the spider can't swim. But he wants to.

Elvis has eight legs because he's a spider. Elvis the spider has a problem.

Poor Elvis, he can't swim. He wants to swim. In fact, he wants to swim a very long way.

He wants to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.

Elvis lives in London, he's a British spider. He wants to swim to New York City.

So he decides "I'm going to practice." He practices in the North Sea. He tries to swim but he has another problem. It's very cold in the North Sea.

Elvis freezes. And he almost drowns.

So next he decides "Hm, I know. I will go to the gym. I will go to the YMCA and swim in the pool."

So every day he goes to the pool. And every day he visualizes arriving in New York. He sees it clearly, vividly, in his head.

Finally, the day comes. He jumps into the Atlantic and he starts swimming. Swimming toward New York City. After 15 days he's still swimming. Sharks try to attack him. He hits them with his legs and he escapes. Storms come, bad weather, rain, he continues to swim. Ultimately, ultimately, ultimately and finally he arrives in New York City. He is successful. The mayor of New York City gives him the key to the city. They have a big parade for Elvis to celebrate his success.

Elvis, Elvis the spider is ultimately successful. He has problems, he has difficulties but ultimately, but finally, he is successful.


That is the end of the mini‐story for "Emotional Mastery 2." Again, listen every day, 1 time, 2 times, 3 times, it doesn't matter, as much as you can. When you listen, always have a strong posture. Breathe deeply, smile, and move as you listen. If you get tired, it's okay, it's normal. Getting bored is also normal. Just pause, change your posture. Change your breathing. Change your smile. Move and then start again.

Okay, I will see you next time. Enjoy.

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