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Emotional Mastery


Okay, welcome to the main audio for "Emotional Mastery." So let's talk about emotional mastery in more detail now. How can you manage your emotions, how can you control, I don't like the word control, but let's just say manage your emotions so that you feel better and stronger while you're learning English.

So it's easy to say that "Oh, feel good when you're learning English," but unfortunately a lot of people feel bad when they're learning English. A lot of people feel bored. Or maybe just in your life in general, you're tired, you're working hard, and it's difficult to learn English also and still feel energetic and happy. Let's get started.

:: Mini Story

Vanilla wanted to be rich. Vanilla was a beautiful, intelligent woman. She said, "Show me the money."

She was beautiful. She was intelligent. But, unfortunately, she was poor. So Vanilla went to Las Vegas. She went to Las Vegas to get rich.

She walked into Caesar's Palace. Caesar's Palace is a casino. She walked into Caesar's Palace with a big grin on her face.

She was grinning because she thought she was going to become rich. In fact, she knew she was going to become rich.

She walked to the blackjack table. She took out the money from her pocket. She took $6,000.00 out of her pocket. She put the money on the table. She bet all of the money on the first game.

Vanilla lost all her money. She was really, really poor. She cried, "Oh no, I lost all my money."

Warren Buffett is the richest man in the world. Warren Buffett does not play blackjack. He buys stocks.

So Warren Buffett went to New York at the same time that Vanilla went to Las Vegas.

He made $60 billion.

First Vanilla cried. But then she changed her physiology. She pulled back her shoulders. She put her chin up. And she grinned. She said, "I will become rich."

Warren Buffett always frowns.

Next, Vanilla went to Alaska. She went to Alaska to dig for gold.

So she got a shovel and she started to dig. Every day she dug for gold, five days, ten days, digging for gold, digging for gold. After sixty days, her back hurt.

Vanilla had a bad posture while she was digging. After ninety days, Vanilla's back hurt and she had no money. She started to cry "Oh, my back hurts. And I have no money."

But then Vanilla changed. She changed her posture again. She smiled. She brought her shoulders back. She breathed deeply. She said, "I will become rich."

So she went to Singapore. She went to Singapore to start a chili business. She grew chilis in her apartment. She grew chilis, hot chilis, in her apartment, and sold them to restaurants. And she made $28 billion. She became the Queen of Hot Chilis...the Asian Queen of Hot Chilis. Vanilla became super‐rich. She got the money. She was beautiful. She was intelligent. And finally, she was super‐rich.


Okay, that is the end of the mini‐story for "Emotional Mastery." How about you? Was your posture good during this lesson? Were you smiling while you listened? Were you breathing deeply...while you listened? Were you moving your body as you listened to this story? I hope so. You should. If not, it's okay but next time, next time be sure. Strong posture, deep breathing, big grin, and moving your body as you listen to the story. And one more thing you can do. If you're at home, if you can be loud, you can listen to the story and shout your answers.

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