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Hello, this is AJ Hoge, and this is the mini‐story for "Beliefs." Are you feeling good? Good posture? Deep breathing? Big smile? Moving? I hope so. I'm not going to start this story until you are. Alright, let's do it.

:: Mini-Story

There was a guy. There was a guy and his name was George. And George, of course, had a problem. Well, in fact, George had two problems. Not just one problem, George had two problems.

Well, his first problem was that girls always laughed at him. Well, his second problem was that he loved, loved Angela. And, of course, Angela was a girl. He wanted to impress Angela. But, of course, girls always laughed at him. Oh no, a big problem for George.

In fact, George had dating trauma. Well, because girls always laughed at him when he asked them for a date. Beautiful girls laughed even more at George. With beautiful girls, he had super dating trauma. So George had some very big problems. But one day he decided "I will develop new empowering beliefs."

So every day he said an incantation. His incantation was "I'm handsome and I'm cool." Every day George looked in the mirror and he said "I'm handsome and I'm cool." It was his incantation. He said it all the time. He was eating breakfast, he said: "I'm handsome and I'm cool." When he was walking to work he said "I'm handsome and I'm cool." During lunch, he said, "I'm handsome and I'm cool." Going home from work he said, "I'm handsome and I'm cool." Eating dinner, watching TV, all the time, every day, he said the same incantation "I'm handsome and I'm cool."

He repeated it again and again and again and again. It was an incantation. He started to believe it. So he started to go to the gym. He went to the gym every day. At the gym, he worked out. He lifted weights. He exercised. And he exercised "I'm handsome and I'm cool" and he exercised. He got stronger. Then he went to a public speaking class. He learned how to speak to people.

He said "Hi, I'm George and I'm handsome and I'm cool" and then he gave his speech. And when he finished he said, "Thank you, I'm George and I'm handsome and I'm cool." He became stronger. His speaking got better and better and better. And one day, amazingly, he was handsome. And one day, amazingly, he was cool. He walked over to Angela's apartment. He knocked on the door. She answered. He said "Hi, I'm George. I'm handsome and I'm cool and I want you." Of course, she yelled, "You bet, you're hot, I love you!"

George was very happy. And of course, he was handsome and cool.


As always, listen to it many times. When you listen, strong posture, big smile. Deep breaths and move, and if you want to, you can be like George. You can say "I'm a great English speaker" in the morning. During lunch, you can say "I'm a great English speaker." At work, you can say "Hi, how are you doing? I'm a great English speaker."

Okay, I will see you next time. Enjoy.

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