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Attractor Factor


Hello, this is AJ. Welcome to the mini-story for "Attractor Factor." Let's begin.

:: Mini-Story

There was a cat named Eve. Eve was a cat. She was a cat who decided to abstain from eating mice. In fact, Eve was a mom and she forbid her kittens from eating mice also. Because Eve forbid them to eat mice. She said "you cannot eat mice."

So Eve abstained from eating mice for a long time. And she felt great, she felt really healthy. Next she abstained from eating fish, too. So she abstained from eating mice and then next, because she felt great, she abstained from eating fish. They all abstained from eating fish. They all abstained from eating mice.

So this was the springboard for another change, the sudden beginning of another change. So finally, Eve stopped drinking beer, because, of course, Eve drank beer every day. She loved to drink beer. Eve was a big beer-drinking cat. Of course, most cats do like to drink beer. But Eve decided to abstain from beer also. No more beer for Eve. Oh, very difficult, but she stopped drinking beer. So her kittens continued to drink beer, but she abstained from drinking beer. She felt outstanding because she abstained from beer.

Eve did not need beer because she was already big. But her babies needed beer so they could continue to grow. And, of course, Eve and all her kittens became very healthy, very strong and very happy. The end.


That is the end of the mini-story for "Attractor Factor."

Listen to it several times every day for seven days, 14 days or more. I'll see you next time.

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